Book Review: The Dog Stars

The Dog StarsThe Dog Stars by Peter Heller
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I've read some of the reviews on here to try and understand what some of the drawbacks were in this book. None of them apply, for me at least.

Hig is a pilot, fisherman, widower and poetry fanatic. He talks to himself. He is in his own head a lot. He has a dog named Jasper and holds down an airport in post-ap Colorado with a top-level brute named Bangley. They secure the perimeter and shoot most things that enter it.

Instead of responding to negative reviews which is so very tempting, I will just review what I loved about this book and why I gave it 5 stars:

The writing style is unique and I find this style connects you to the soul and thought of Hig - a confused, smart, emotional, existential mess. He's snarky to himself and projects often the opposite of how he thinks. You start to feel this effect early on. A real charmer.

Its hilarious. I'll burst into laughter on the bus constantly. It really puts a smile on my face and perhaps those around me.

Hig does a great job of exploring some of those existential thoughts one would obviously feel in a world as such - but moreover, in anyone's world right now that is seeing or experiencing depression derived from loneliness.

Colorado sounds gorgeous in this book.

I learned a lot about planes.

Thank you to the author, and to the Redditor that suggested this to me!

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